The Duo Sonics bring a unique blend of blues and roots music to the stage.  
Featuring Bob Parker playing reso-phonic guitar, baritone guitar, six-string
bass and mandolin, with David Berntson on Hohner diatonic and chromatic
harmonicas and concertina, the Duo Sonics interpret classic blues in an
exciting, high-energy show.  Whether playing a slow blues, dripping with
amplified harp and  slide guitar, or a full-blown boogie-woogie or jump blues
number, this duo can really sing and swing.  

Bob Parker has played blues professionally for over 35 years, most recently
with the Oscillators and with Junior Markham.  A native of Tulsa, his heartfelt
and steady guitar technique reflects Oklahoma and Texas blues traditions
and creates an incredibly full sound.  Both harmonizing and singing lead
vocals, Bob’s voice resonates with emotion when he sings about the true
facts of life.

David Berntson has also played blues for over 35 years, both in his home
state of Illinois, and in Oklahoma.  He is a master of Chicago blues,
Mississippi Delta style blues and jump blues.  His ability to connect with an
audience, coupled with his passion for the Blues, makes for a dynamic and
entertaining musical performance.  In addition to playing with many Tulsa
area bands, David is an endorsee for Hohner harmonicas and has taught
harmonica classes for over 15 years. He is the founder of the Tulsa Blues
Club and was awarded the “Keeping the Blues Alive in Education” award
from the National Blues Foundation in 2006.  

The Duo-Sonics are listed on the
Performing Artist Roster of the Oklahoma
Arts Council. Grant money through the Oklahoma Arts Council is available for
Duo-Sonics performances and in-school presentations.  

For bookings contact
Bob Parker          918 599 9006
David Berntson  918 381 8999
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Duo Sonics
Singing and swinging the blues
2014 Duo-Sonics Gig Calendar
Memphis or Bust - IBC Fundraiser, VFW,
Montereau Riviera Lounge, Tulsa, OK, 5-7
Garden Deva Open Studio, Tulsa, OK, 1 pm
Elgin Jamboree, Elgin, KS, 8 pm
Amy Cottingham's Monthly Musicale, Tulsa,
Private Party, Tulsa, OK
Crossroads Clubhouse, Open House,
Tulsa, OK
OCARTA Recovery Walk, Oklahoma City, OK
The Vanguard, Tulsa, OK, 8pm, opening for
Eric Gales
Tall Grass Prairie, Tulsa, OK, 7-10pm
Mississippi Valley Blues Festival, Davenport,
IA, BlueSkool
Oklahoma Chatauqua, Roaring 20's, OSU
Tulsa, 6:30 pm, Tulsa, OK
Montereau Riviera Lounge, Tulsa, OK, 5-7
Judge Riddel Boys Ranch, Blues Education
& Workshops, Wichita, KS