Harmonica Summit 2008
March 15, 2008
Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame
The Jazz Depot
111 E.1st St., Tulsa, OK
Doors Open at 10:00am
Kids under 14 free (must be accompanied by an adult)
Billy Gibson–Memphis, TN
Billy Gibson first picked up the harmonica at a very young age. Gibson’s desire for learning and improving as a musician took him to
Clarksdale, Mississippi. Like many before him, Gibson eventually left Mississippi for Memphis. “Beale Street was my university of
blues,” recalls Gibson. He has made guest appearances on national recording artists’ CDs including Deborah Coleman’s Soft Place
To Fall (Blind Pig2000) and Michael Burks’ I Smell Smoke (Alligator 2003). Around the same time, Gibson received a BA in music from
the University of Memphis. Gibson’s career has been a constant progression and immersion into many genres of music, with blues
being the foundation and primary inspiration of his artistic endeavors.

RJ Mischo–Fayetteville,AR        
R. J. Mischo began singing and playing harmonica in the Minneapolis area in the late '70s. He played with Muddy Waters sideman Mojo
Buford, Percy Strother, and Milwaukee Slim. His 1992 album Ready to Go, won praises far and near and still has an unmatched magic
about it. Mischo was nominated for several Minnesota Music Academy Awards while in Minneapolis, and in 1996, he won the award for
Best Harmonica Player. After living in San Francisco for several years, RJ recently relocated to Fayetteville. A prolific recording artist, RJ
is currently touring the US and Europe in support of his newest release King of a Mighty Good Time.

Jimmy “Junior” Markham–Tulsa, OK
Oklahoma Blues legend and Jazz Hall inductee, Junior Markham is the heart and soul of harmonica in Tulsa. He is responsible for
bringing this Harmonica Summit to life.

David Berntson–Tulsa, OK
Blues Educator and musician, David Berntson is the recipient of the Blues Foundation’s2006 Keeping the Blues Alive in Education

Supporting Musicians -
Bob Parker-guitar, Rusty Miller-guitar, Robbie Mack- bass, Little Joe McLerran-guitar, Ronnie McRorey-drums.

Mr. Microphone - Custom microphone modification
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