Harmonica Summit 2012
Feb. 25, 2012
Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame
The Jazz Depot
111 E.1st St., Tulsa, OK
Doors Open at 10:00am
Kids under 14 free (must be accompanied by an adult)
RJ Mischo–Fayetteville,AR        
R. J. Mischo began singing and playing harmonica in the Minneapolis area in the late '70s. His 1992 album Ready to Go, won praises
far and near and still has an unmatched magic about it. Mischo was nominated for several Minnesota Music Academy Awards while in
Minneapolis, and in 1996, he won the award for Best Harmonica Player. After living in San Francisco for several years, RJ recently
relocated to Fayetteville.  RJ's electric harmonica workshop will be a favorite for players looking for big, fat harmonica tone.  A prolific
recording artist, RJ is currently touring the US and Europe.  RJ's newest recording on the Delta Groove label is scheduled for 2012

Adam Gussow - Oxford, MS
As a blues harmonica player and teacher, Adam Gussow has few peers in the business.  He is currently an Associate Professor of
English and Southern Studies at the University of Mississippi with a specialty in blues literature and culture, He is known to harmonica
students around the world as a result of his "dirty-South blues harp channel" at YouTube and his pioneering offerings in the field of
digital-download video tutorials at his website, Modern Blues Harmonica.  Gussow is best known for his long partnership with
Mississippi-born guitarist and one-man-band Sterling "Mr. Satan" Magee as the duo Satan and Adam. In his recent incarnation as a
one-man band, Gussow takes a cue from Magee and does it all-singing, blowing amplified harp, and stomping out some thump-and-
metal grooves.   Gussow's one-man band sound is sure to be a highlight of this year's Summit.

Ronnie Shellist - Boulder, CO
The blues has been a part of Ronnie's life for over 15 years now. It all began in Austin, Tx where he was exposed to some great blues
artists and eventually picked up the harmonica in search of that bluesy sound that lured him in. Blues harmonica has been Ronnie's
focus from the beginning. He carries the torch of the classic blues sound with his own unique modern approach. Ronnie's harmonica
instruction at his website harmonica123.com resonates with thousands of students around the world. We are excited to have Ronnie
sharing his talents as an educator and musician at the Jazz Depot.

Todd Parrott - North Carolina
A multi-talented musician with a genuine love for people, Todd has an amazingly wide repertoire of songs and sounds geared towards
those who are in need of little encouragement, reassurance, or even a laugh.  The harmonica, generally perceived as an insignificant
or accompaniment instrument, comes to life as Todd demonstrates its power and versatility through an array of musical styles.  Be
prepared to hear the gospel, blues, country, classical, jazz, trains, and a few other harmonica surprises thrown into the mix.  His
workshop will focus on gospel harmonica and advanced techniques.

Jimmy “Junior” Markham–Tulsa, OK
Oklahoma Blues legend and Jazz Hall of Fame inductee, Jimmy Markham is the heart and soul of harmonica in Tulsa.  Known as the
caretaker of the Tulsa Sound, Jimmy's connection to Tulsa's iconic musicians spans decades.  Jimmy continues to entertain and carry
on the tradition that makes the Tulsa Sound recognized around the world. He is responsible for bringing this Harmonica Summit to life.  

David Berntson–Tulsa, OK
Blues Educator and musician, David Berntson is the recipient of the Blues Foundation’s 2006 Keeping the Blues Alive in Education
Award.  David has been performing and presenting Blues Education for over 25 years.  David's gifts at connecting with people,
especially children, and his passion for blues and empowering young people are apparent in every one of his presentations.

Mr. Microphone - Kansas City, MO
Dennis Oellig, aka Mr. Microphone, is an expert at building and repairing custom and vintage harmonica microphones.  Dennis'
knowledge, gained over decades with a solder gun, helps harmonica players achieve that much sought after, horn-like, harmonica
tone. His workshops are fun and loud!  
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