crossroads image
Crossroads Learning Experience
David Berntson performs in the
Wells Theatre and talks about
his passion for the blues.
Photo by Noel Keyes,
Monmouth College Courier
The Little Joe McLerran
Quartet Performs at the
Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame.  
Photo by Tulsa World
photographer Michael Wyke.
David Berntson teaches
harmonica at the 2008 Tulsa
Harmonica Summit.  Photo by
Tulsa World photographer
Michael Wyke
Bob Parker, David Berntson
and Marquis Knox perform for
the Blue Shoe Project in
Abilene.  Photo by
Reporter-News photo by Brian
Recipient of the 2006
Keeping the Blues Alive in
Education Award
McClure Elementary School
fifth-grader Tonio Daniels
looks to his music teacher for
the day, David Berntson of the
Tulsa Blues Club. KELLY
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`Blues minister' follows his calling to the