Crossroads Learning Experience
Comprehensive Prevention Education Curriculum
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Week 1 – Introduction to Bullying  
This session’s focus is on connecting with the class and developing a climate
to explore life skills.  Self-control, decision-making and healthy habits are
discussed and the topic of bullying is introduced.  

Week 2 – Bullying Behavior
This session reviews ideas presented in the previous session.  The types of
Bullying behaviors are explored – physical, emotional and relational.  The
“Danger Zone” concept regarding areas where people are at risk for bullying
is introduced.  

Week 3 – Strategies for dealing with bullies
This session begins with a comprehensive review from the previous class.  
The roles of Bully, Victim, By-stander and Helper are discussed.  A short video
supporting the curriculum will be shown, with emphasis on appropriate
strategies for dealing with bullies.  

Week 4 – Introduction to drugs
This is an introductory session which includes the definition of drugs, body
chemistry and allergic reactions.  The concept of “gateway drugs” is
introduced.  Questions relating to the “why” or the reasons someone uses
drugs are explored.

Week 5 – Nicotine
This session continues exploring drugs by addressing nicotine use.  Health
issues from smoking and chewing tobacco are discussed.

Week 6 – Alcohol
This session will focus on the use of alcohol, teenage drinking and driving,
binge drinking and alcohol poisoning.

Week 7 – Other Drugs
The drugs nicotine and alcohol are reviewed.  The dangers of using other
drugs such as marijuana, inhalants, methamphetamine and others will be

Week 8 – Review and Closure
All topics in previous sessions are re-visited.  A short video about binge
drinking will be shown as a review strategy.  Opportunity for any questions
from previous sessions.

Other available sessions include:

Relationships and Dating – This session explores teenage relationships,
including growth and development, sexually transmitted infection prevention,
teenage pregnancy prevention, communication skills, flirting and sexual
harassment.  Abstinence is emphasized.   

Involvement with the Law – An informational didactic regarding young people
and the legal system.  Consequences of illegal activity is explored, including
curfew violations, underage drinking and smoking, illegal IDs, driving while
intoxicated, violent offenses, restitution, probation, placement, and certification
as an adult.

Other services:

Assemblies – Group assemblies for students can be used as a review for
students who have previously had the program, or as an appropriate kick-off
or closure for students in the program.  A musical component is included as
an effective way to connect with the audience.

Evening or lunch time parent meetings – This provides and opportunity for
parents to discuss any prevention topics or parenting topics with the instructor
and school staff.

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